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Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy.


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General complaints policy (revised March 2016)


Equality and community cohesion

Equality and diversity (revised Sept 2014) (399 KB)

Equalities statement (357 KB)

Modern slavery act transparency statement (108 KB)

Teaching and learning

Sex and Relationship in Education Policy - June 2016 (126 KB)

Educational visits - Sept 2015 (209 KB)

Learning & teaching policy (130 KB)

Spiritual, moral, cultural and social development - Jan 2017 (43 KB)

Guidance to Principals re Permanent Exclusion (103 KB)

Behaviour and attendance

Anti bullying - Sept 2015 (322 KB)

Attendance policy - Sept 2015 (139 KB)

Behaviour management - Jan 2017 (87 KB)

Behaviour Policy

Academy leadership


Home Academy Policy - Sept 2015 (137 KB)

Academy safety

Supporting pupils with medical needs (revised Sept 2014) (459 KB)

Adult behaviour code (73 KB)

Looked after children policy - Sept 2015 (150 KB)

Special Educational Needs (42 KB)

Health and safety policy (239 KB)


Trouble makers on site

Adult behaviour code (revised Sept 2014) (189 KB)


HR Toolkit


IR35 advice (131 KB)

Right to work

Right to work guidance (360 KB)

Right to Work checklist (94 KB)

An employers guide to Right to Work checks (615 KB)


Schools guide to Apprenticeship reforms (372 KB)



Charging and remissions policy (86 KB)


Write off policy - review by Xmas 2018 (86 KB)

Debt collection policy - review by Xmas 2018 (105 KB)



TEFAT Online Safety Policy - Sept 2015 (1.46 MB)

Safeguarding Child Protection Policy - Sept 2016 (41 KB)

Keeping Children Safe in Education - DfE guidance - Sept 2016 (829 KB)

DfE Statutory Guidance 2014 (1.11 MB)

British values: see 'Equality policy'

Governor handbook

Handbook (114 KB)

Governor toolkit

Election of Parent Governors (199 KB)





Setting Limits (4.70 MB)

Keeping Young Children Safe Online (578 KB)

Home and Family Guidelines (26 KB)

Facebook Checklist (854 KB)

Ask FM Online Safety Guidance (1.59 MB)

A Parents Guide to Dealing With Sexting (152 KB)



TEFAT Admission policies Sept 2018


Shirestone Academy (732 KB)