Photography At Shirestone Academy




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Shirestone classes were able to incorporate the use of photography into their curriculum.

It had been a huge success and the company captured the feedback from some of the children. Here is the finished article - enjoy.

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Meet our Photographer...


Mike Jones – Photography Workshop Practitioner with Imaging Partnership Ltd.


Mike has been introducing photography to all year groups within our school by running curriculum-applied sessions and after-school photography workshops. These sessions have provided a practical learning experience for the pupils by applying photography to many curriculum subjects within the classroom, Forest School and on school trips.


But who is Mike Jones? Prior to working with Imaging Partnership, Mike spent over 30 years managing advertising agency production departments. He also directed photo-manipulation with artists which included transparency, negative and photo retouching and in later years, Photoshop work. Alongside his full time career, for some 20 years Mike’s weekends were mostly taken up working as a professional wedding photographer for a Birmingham company.


These days, Mike imparts his photography knowledge and experience to pupils ranging from nursery right through to secondary education within schools all around the greater Midlands area. He enjoys nothing more than seeing how the students’ photographic skills “develop” (pardon the pun, but I couldn’t resist – The Editor) as they progress through their learning process.