Governors are volunteers who work in partnership with the school to ensure that children receive the best education possible.

We value governor involvement in the life and work of Shirestone Academy and would encourage you to think about becoming a member of the Shirestone Academy governing body when an appropriate opportunity arises. Parent Governor vacancies are notified by a letter to parents and guardians and mentioned in the school newsletter. Anyone can become a school Governor based on how their skills would fit with the current needs of the governing body. 

 Being a Governor is a rewarding experience. We are a group of hard working people who give freely of their time and energy, committing their skills to the service of Shirestone Academy.

Governors come from different backgrounds, reflecting the many interest groups involved in our school, but they have one important thing in common: they are dedicated to ensuring that the children at Shirestone Academy have the best education possible.

This is the primary focus of all governing body business. The governing body members have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and competence to draw on and we recognise that school governance is a team effort and decisions are made corporately.

High quality training and development is available for all Governors and all Governors are recommended to attend a Governors' Induction course as well as continue with their professional development throughout their term of office.

Governing bodies have many responsibilities but in general they are there to set the strategic framework for the school (including developing policies and the School Improvement Plan), agree the 3 year plan, monitor the finances, to act as support and challenge to the Principal as well as to monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan and policies as managed and carried out by the Principal and staff.

Effective governance is about team-work with Principals, staff, governors and the community.

Our membership consists of:


Diane Ford  - Chair of LGB and Elliott Foundation Governor 

Nadeem Bashir-  Principal

Tracey Williams  - Elliott Foundation Governor

Pat Clarke-Dixon  - Community Governor ( Safeguarding Governor )

Tina Horrocks  - Staff Governor (with responsibility for Pupil Premium and SEND)

Tracey Yates - Parent Governor

Jenny Steckles  - Clerk


Governors' Register of Business Interest 2019/20


Diane Ford  - Chair of LGB and Elliott Foundation Governor 

Nadeem Bashir-  Principal at Shirestone Academy

Tracey Williams  - Elliott Foundation Governor

Michelle Williams - Elliot Foundation Governor

Pat Clarke-Dixon  - Community Governor 

Tina Horrocks  - Staff Governor at Shirestone Academy

Tracey Yates - Parent Governor - Shirestone Academy

Jenny Steckles  - Clerk


The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust is the education charity that runs the school and is responsible for the governance of the school. The Covid-19 Scheme of Delegation sets out the delegated powers during the public health emergency with local governance suspended at the present time. 


Later this academic year and in line with the resinstigation of all national accountability measures we will look to resume local governance. Local representatives (pupils, parents, staff and wider community) will be supported to pilot a Community Council to provide local knowledge, understanding and expertise around ethos, curriculum and well being on behalf of the community that the school serves.  


Please contact the Director of Governance and Policy if there are any questions about the governance of the school or Trust -


Academy Trust Documents.

Director of Governance and Policy


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