Teachers and Teaching Assistants


Miss Devi: Nursery Teacher

Mrs Curran: Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelleher: Nursery Teaching Assistant

Ms Moses: Nursery Teaching Assistant



Miss Frail: Reception Teacher

Mrs Burkett: Reception Teaching Assistant 


Year 1:

Miss Mahmood: Year 1 Teacher

Mrs  Brecknell: Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cockeril: Year 1 Teaching Assistant 


Year 2:

Mrs Taylor: Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Proctor: Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Year 3:


Mrs Smith: Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Maycock: Year 3Teaching Assistant


Year 4:

Miss Booth: Year 4 Teacher

Ms Sharples: Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Year 5:

Miss Razaq: Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Mac: Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Ms Moore: Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Year 6:

Miss Jabeen: Year 6Teacher

Mr O'Rourke: Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Horrocks: Year 6 Teaching Assistant 



Mrs Jones - Pastoral Manager

Mrs Mayes - Pastoral Support and Attendance Officer

Mrs Wiiliamson - Learning Mentor


Extra Curricular:

Richard Simmons - Progressive Sports (supporting the PE curriculum)

Georgina Bashford: Music teacher


Forest School:

Tom and James 



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